London Luton Airport Saved from Being Enlisted as World’s Worst Airports!

How many of you thought that the journey of travellers is just limited to the flights? Most of you. But you might be wrong here as it starts way before the flight right from hiring a taxi to the London Luton airport or any other airport of the world. A popular travel website has disclosed a list of world’s worst airports and London Luton Airport has been saved from getting enlisted as one of them.


List unveiled:

Although Luton has been saved, it has been listed as one of Europe’s worst airports according to the reports. Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport is worst airport of the world according to this 2014 guide. Many other airports that have surprised many are New York’s LaGuardia as well as Paris’ Beauvais Tille airport.

These airports are not quite clean and friendly for the travellers and unload the passengers in an awkward way.

What makes them bad?

Whenever travellers hire taxi from Hemel Hempstead or any other place in the UK to the airport, they also look into issues like poor food, long queues for security check, décor, cleanliness as well as the behaviour of staff members at the airport. Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport came stood fourth for 3 consecutive years due to overcrowding and air conditioning issues. Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport stood second in the list as travellers complained about ill-mannered immigration officers as well as long queues and metal chairs which were hurting when used.

Other factors:

The survey that was conducted between September 2013 to August 2014 revealed that the tourists also dislike factors like lack of technology on the airport as well as inconsistent security checks. Though London Luton Airport service is way better than the factors described above, it being listed in the Europe’s worse airports. Apart from these issues, it is the most preferred location when the passengers hire taxi from Hemel Hempstead. Happy journey!


Environmental Agencies to Install Flood Barriers to Protect Winchester!

You all might be aware that last year, some parts of Winchester were submerged in water due to floods. To stop it from happening again, the environmental agencies of the area have decided to install permanent flood barriers in the city. By doing so, the areas that are prone to floods can remain protected.


The Project:

As a part of this project, permanent barriers will be installed at areas like Water Lane as well as Park Avenue which were submerged under water during floods that occurred in February. After the permission for permanent construction is obtained, watertight walls made out of concrete will be constructed and a sluice located at the north end of Park Avenue will be upgraded. These flood barriers will play a huge role to protect the surroundings during heavy rains.

Keeping Winchester safe:

There are several private and government agencies in London as well as in the exteriors of the city that provide flood defence equipment. The agency’s flood risk manager Andrew Gilham said that as the ground water levels of Winchester are quite low as compared to what they were before some years. To keep Winchester safe in case similar frequency of rains is observed, these measures are being taken.

Importance of flood barriers:

It is said that the Hampshire County Council spilled out around £1.6 million for installing defence repair system post the floods this year. For the last few years, the people of London have started becoming quite aware about flood defence equipment so that the properties remain safe. Pertaining to the advancement in technology, a range of amazing flood protection equipments are provided by flood defence companies.

Make sure you get in touch with these companies and protect your house and surroundings!


Iconic Everyman Theatre Won RIBA Stirling Prize for Its Architect Renovations!

The rebuilt architecture, Liverpool’s most anticipated iconic structure, Everyman Theatre won National RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Stirling Prize leaving behind the the other buildings in the competition like Olympic swimming venue and The Shard in London. Beating such architecture itself tells you the importance and uniqueness of Everyman Theater. It has proved to be on the best architect renovations of all time.

Artistic director’s say

“We are thrilled that we have won Stirling Prize and why not? The architecture was built with humanity at its heart,” said the artistic director of Everyman Theatre Gemma Bodinetz. He further added that, “I was overwhelmed with the architectural services given by Hawoth Tompkins who embodied 105 people of Liverpool on the front side of the building.”

Origin and present facts of the theatre:

Previously this venue had opened 50 years ago when it was an unused church. It was built in the 19th century by a former chapel and its brickwork was a sign that it could be recycled. This place is now replaced by a new theater costing £13.3m with few similar features of the olden church and new aluminum panels with 105 people on the front facing.

Hawoth Tompkins’s journey to success:

Hawoth Tompkins has been working for 9 years to keep the soul of the place and had some amazing architect renovations to achieve this milestone. As it is located in a community area and also a popular Bristol area, it was important for him to have that essence of history and new design to astonish the Liverpool’s people.

Responses after the success:

The huge success was followed by many comments from the great personalities all over the London and UK. President of RIBA Stephen Hodder said that, “This man has a perfect nib to balance continuity and change to win the hearts of the people with this astounding Everyman Theatre.” “The building exceeds expectations,” said the President.
This might be simple for you to listen but the man know who have worked hard for 9 years to shape this building into an award-winning one. It will be best architectural services given by any in the world for sure.

Colour Trends 2014 for Bespoke Kitchens 2014

Recently, some researchers have shown that we tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchen which is way more than what we spend in any other room of the house. Bespoke kitchens are a huge trend at places like Essex and the owners of the place think that it is one of the best investments done by them.


Do you know about the colour trends that are followed to make handmade kitchens in Essex? What goes into it? Let’s take a peek at these colourful trends:

Shades of Grey:

Shades of Grey are not limited to a best-seller book anymore. They are making their mark in the kitchens of the homeowners in Essex. Grey colour has replaced the black colour and it blends up amazingly with all the primary colours. It also creates a great look for contemporary kitchen designs. It should be seen it that the shade is not grimy as it won’t go with the traditional designs.

One Accent Colour:

The biggest colour trends for bespoke kitchens in 2014 are to use just a single accent colour. A single colour can be applied on one wall or a shelving system and that portion of the kitchen will definitely stand out. The best part is that a single accent colour works with both modernized kitchens as well as traditional ones. A single accent colour should be subtle and decent rather than depicting boldness or loudness.

White & Black is Out:

In the year 2014, you will rarely get to see black and white handmade kitchens. Even a single toned kitchen can be merged with grey and other colours to make the look trendy. If you are hiring a professional firm in Essex, the designer will be able to suggest you the best shades to use in replacement of black and white.

Off late, the designers are laying more stress on using the textures rightly. They are adding steel and glass materials in the kitchen to make it look trendier. Make sure your kitchen too, has the contemporary colours! 2014 is going bespoke. Are you?


Hire Services from A Professional Architect!

An architect very well knows that it is not obvious for the home owners to go through humongous house revamping and construction processes. Hence, you are sure to discuss with them and ask questions about the project they will be accomplishing for you.


So don’t hold yourself back and do the following when you choose getting architectural services from professionals in London:

Share your ideas:

The professionals are always there to give you what you want. So whatever architectural renovations you want to have, do share it with him. You can suggest as to how you want your space to be used and what your budget is like. Also discuss about the timelines you want the designing to be done in. All these discussions will ensure that you get the work according to your requirement.

Ask for the accreditations:

It is very important for the architect to be registered before you hire one. Usually, the architects in London, UK are registered with (Architects Registration Board). He/she can also be a chartered member of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). The higher the standards of the firm, the better it is!

Take things in black & white:

Last but not the least; you must get things in writing through your service provider. This will give you a reassurance as to what should be expected at each stage and what are the charges involved therein. If you’re professional doesn’t take care of the paperwork, make sure you do. So don’t feel reluctant to know about the legal documents that have to be signed.

All the above requirements and more should be taken care of when you hire for architectural services for your home renovations.


Cooking Events to Help Your Company in Proper Team Building!

There are times when your company doesn’t seem to be well co-ordinated. What would you do at that point of time? As a business owner you have to do something to boost the confidence of your employees and create a bond among them.

Have you heard about cooking events for team building? Do you know the role of the experts conducting such events? If not, go through this blog and know all about the culinary events conducted by the experts :

Full-course cooking

Now this is one of the toughest tasks for your team members. It means connecting with each other in the given time and cook a complete multi-course gourmet dinner. Well, this event is best suited if you have a half day to spend. The event providers make sure that everything needed to cook is available on the spot. These professionals also provide outdoor team building for the enhancement of the team.

A dinner party at office

As a part of this cookery event, the employees can invite their family members and friends to join a dinner party at the office. But the question is, who cooks the meals for the party? The employees. Ofcourse! As the experts are always there to guide you them to cook a perfect night meal, they don’t have to worry. Garnishing and making your meal look appealing is also quite important when it comes to cooking as a team.

Serving lunch for homeless:

What can be a better option than serving the homeless with some great food? This task seems to be humongous if one has to prepare the food for more than 200 homeless people. During such times, the employees are tested for their team spirit. They have to come together and complete the task in the limited time.

These are 3 cooking events conducted by the outdoor team building organizers to make the employees work as a team. If you are looking for the same for your company, connect with the best event organizer today!


Examples of Team Building Activity for a Strong Organization!

Do you want to initiate team building activity in your corporate team? How can it help them know each other better? These kinds of activities have been reported in success and motivation that result to more co-ordination at work.


Social experts have gathered some games or exercises that assist in more team building opportunities. A particular exercise can post some big challenges to the opposite team members during a game session that can help in initiating fun, laughter and communication with peers or colleagues. Are Traffic jams good? Yes, if it is a game and promotes fun:

Traffic Jam is good!

An exercise that evokes communication in the team is Traffic Jam. This is based on a game known as Human chess. 2 groups are made to stand vertically and handed a cone at the center. Each team has to challenge the other by moving over to other side in a tricky way-without jumping and moving over only one at a time. Tricky, right? Yes. Human Knot comes in next.

Human Knots:

The Human Knot is quite a popular game for small corporate structures. Each group will stand in a circle and reach across the member of the other group and hold their hands. When a human knot like formation happens, they all try to untangle themselves with hands. This exercise is used to promote team building activity, team unity and ability to work together. This means sheer unity!

Team building in minefield:

Talking about battles, minefield is a game that is similar to a battlefield. A ground with false mines is selected. The entire team has to cross this land without stepping on a mine by choosing any of a player in the field. The player can move in any direction to escape the mines with help of silent indication of the team leader.

This type of team building can pose many challenges to a corporate manager to build trust and co-operation in his team. Organizations can contact an event firm for unique ideas for their employees and gain results.