3 Qualities That the Bespoke Kitchens Must Have!

A kitchen, I believe, is the heart of every home. It is the place where you interact with your family and create some delicious memories. And you definitely do not choose to go for kitchen revamping every day.


With the on-going trend of bespoke kitchens, people often tend to forget what basic qualities their kitchen must have. Although designs are very important, they are not the only important facet. Know which 3 qualities it must have before you for kitchen installation:

Apt fitting:

Any kitchen must be a good fit. The best part about bespoke kitchens is that they can be designed and shaped according to the space available. Get in touch with a reliable company based in Essex and you might never have to compromise on the fitting issues. Made to measure fittings are the best.

A smart design

The biggest problem faced by the homeowners with the current kitchen design is that they cannot make the most out of the space available to them. Consider going for kitchen installation from a scratch and you will be more than happy to know how your cooking space can be used for extra solutions like storage and other conveniences.

Longevity and Appeal

Durability is very important when it comes to choosing materials for your kitchen. Make sure that the material you choose is not only strong enough but has a good design and style. The materials that you choose have to be tested and visually appealing.

The above major qualities must be a part of any kitchen. Be it a small one or huge! Choose out of your favourite bespoke kitchens here!


Corporate Members Experienced Team Building in a Different Way!

You as a team might have tried organizing different corporate team building events, but have you ever tried any activities amidst wild-life? It is a bit weird to hear about activities being conducted in the forest. But believe me; a trust in Worcestershire has conducted an event with wild-life activities for a group of people. The main intention behind the program was to boost the fitness and increase the morale of the employees.


A trust offering different sessions:

A trust offering different sessions came up with new ideas to encourage the desk-bound workers. Wild-life activities such as scrub bashing, coppicing trees, cutting hay, building a bird box and a bug hotel etc. were conducted by the trust members. This was a something for the employees of the company never experienced before. These activities are a perfect example of outdoor team building.

Water and Wetlands officer says:

Water and wetlands office of the trust said that, “There are many activities to indulge the team members of a company on our nature reserves to increase the effectiveness and profits for your business by making the employees enthusiastic.” He further added that, “Wild-life activities are the most different things to do and this is where the employees show more interest towards corporate team building events.”

As a business owner, the wild-life idea for your employees could be the best of all. If you are looking for such outdoor team building activities, there are few reliable firms in London that can give you perfect results. Get in touch with one of them now!


Amazing Bespoke Trends That Will Rule Your Kitchens in 2015!

2015 will be the year of new design ideas and concepts especially when it comes to the interiors. At places like Essex in the UK, people are keen to revamp the way their kitchen looks by choosing to go for bespoke kitchens that go with their living style.


So if you are willing to get your kitchen revamped in the year 2015, take a look at the trends that will rule the cooking spaces:

Wood is good:

Wooden materials never go out of vogue. They were a favourite then, they are a favourite now! People love having wooden textures of different colours and grains when it comes to the making of their cabinets. Especially, the oak materials are being loved by the customers residing in Essex and are a lot in demand when it comes to make great kitchen design a possibility.


Neutral tones are in:

Vibrant colours might go out of trend in the year 2015 it seems. Neutral tones like white and grey will be in and they will make the kitchens look quite classy, clean and uncluttered. Cabinets and appliances of the kitchen should go perfectly with each other. So why not ask for a kitchen design that merges with everything that you own in your cooking space?


Go grey:

It is time to give grey hues to your kitchen cabinets as it is the most popular ongoing trend and the safest option. When it comes to designing the interiors of bespoke kitchens, grey is one of the leading colours in the palettes of the kitchen makers of today. Isn’t that great? If the grey colour is already a part of your kitchen, it is time to polish it and making it trendy.


Get metal fixtures:

Metal fixtures bring a homely sense of decoration to the interiors of the kitchen. And you would definitely want your kitchens to be inviting to the people who enter it. Get some metal fixtures with warm colours to bring an amazing charm to the cooking place.


The above trends are directing the home-owners in Essex to go give a classic look for their bespoke kitchens. Are you in for some amazing designs? Happy designing!


Numerous Residents Attend Flood Prevention Meetings at Ferneham!

Apart from the areas in London which are constantly under flood risks, a coastal management scheme is being made for Hampshire to lessen the risk. The land of River Hamble to Porchester is the major focus of Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership.


Flood prevention meetings attended by many:

More than 400 people based in London and other places in the UK attended the flood prevention meeting which was held at Ferneham Hall in Fareham, Gosport Discovery Centre, Warash Sailing Club as well as Hill Head Sailing Club. Keith Evans, who is the executive member of strategic planning and development at Fareham council said that “People are interested a lot to know about the strategies and we are very happy with the keenness that they are showing in the program.”

Protect yourself and others”.

There are many companies based in London that offer flood barriers to offer protection to the citizens. By applying strategies, they will not just be able to prevent the flood like situations but also spread awareness about the same amongst the others. If you want to buy flood prevention equipment like barriers and other products, get in touch with a company based in UK now! Take care…


Awards for Best Architectural Services by AJ Women is Extended to 5th Dec!

The fourth annual AJ (Architects Journal) Women in Architecture Awards‘ deadline is extended to 5th of December. All the women working in the architect profession are recognized by their design and excellence. They are also awarded on the basis of leadership qualities to promote the models at a very young age. Architectural services in London are the most reliable one to hire when it comes to excellence and creative architect designs.


Introducing a new AJ award:

The women who are not professional architects but still have contributed to the field will be honored by a special award from AJ. This could be a real opportunity for all the women in the UK to make some valuable contributions to architecture and come up with some Eco-friendly ideas to keep the environment fresh. Architectural restructurings might also be considered for the awards that are to be announced next year in London.

December 5th, Last Date for Entry:

If you want to be a nominee for the award, the entries have already started. The deadline for the same is December 5th. The nominations will be for two awards, one will be the new award and another one will be Jane Drew prize that declares a woman for her extraordinary contributions in building different architectures.

So, if you are thinking to make an entry in the list of nominees, don’t make it too late before the deadline ends. The best of architectural services in London will be awarded by AJ for outstanding contribution.


Exhibitors to Give Corporate Team Building Ideas at London Event Summer Show!

What if there was an event where you could get a chance to spend quality time with several agencies as well as corporate event buyers? London Summer Show is going to be held from 27th to 28th January to offer corporate team building ideas in a cost-effective way.

Golden opportunity for corporates:

corporate_team_buildingIt is a great opportunity for the event companies as they will get to be a part of an evening reception and know about several corporate team building activities and ideas. The companies will also be able to showcase their offerings with the finest food and champagne that will be served at the exhibition. The best part is that the corporate buyers can register to the event for free and meet the suppliers that can provide the best services and take care of all the aspects when they organize the event for them.

Be there!

There are several companies in the UK that offer corporate team building to make the team spirit amongst the employees strong. But at this event, you might meet a number of them. So make sure you do not miss attending it. The dates of this event have been decided in such a way that the coincide with the Summer Event buying cycle so that the companies can book their parties for 2015.


If you want to know about corporate team building activities, you better not miss this event. See you there!


Benchwood Kitchens Comes Up with Hand Carved Branding on Cabinets!

Benchwood Kitchens, the renowned makers and installers of bespoke kitchens based in Cotswold have come up with new and exclusive hand carved branding which will be embossed on their cabinets.


Terry Moss designs the logo:

Last week, the Benchwood Kitchens’ logo was hand carved on the company’s handmade kitchens by Terry Moss. There are many companies based in Essex UK, that offer amazing kitchen designs. The designer of the logo, who is the member of Sculptree team, has been into woodcarving since the year 1962. He has carved everything right from baubles to chain saws.

The founder speaks:

The founder of Benchwood Kitchens, Rob Woodward said that “As our bespoke kitchens have been crafted to last for a long time, we always wanted to add a classy signature to it.” He further added that “We want the people owning Benchwood Kitchens to know what went to its carving and designing.” Terry, the logo engraver said that “When it comes to fine detailing on wood, I am quite passionate and so were Rob and his team. It is a real delight to be working with them”.


Benchwood Champagne Reception:

Just like Benchwood Kitchens’ repute for handmade kitchens, there are many companies based in Essex that provide great workmanship, amazing service best quality kitchen. The company is going to have a champagne reception on 20th November from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Gloucestershire. At the reception, you will be able to know about the kitchen craftsmen and how they work after creating great kitchen designs.

If you are looking for a company based in Essex that can provide you with bespoke kitchens, find it here!