Exhibitors to Give Corporate Team Building Ideas at London Event Summer Show!

What if there was an event where you could get a chance to spend quality time with several agencies as well as corporate event buyers? London Summer Show is going to be held from 27th to 28th January to offer corporate team building ideas in a cost-effective way.

Golden opportunity for corporates:

corporate_team_buildingIt is a great opportunity for the event companies as they will get to be a part of an evening reception and know about several corporate team building activities and ideas. The companies will also be able to showcase their offerings with the finest food and champagne that will be served at the exhibition. The best part is that the corporate buyers can register to the event for free and meet the suppliers that can provide the best services and take care of all the aspects when they organize the event for them.

Be there!

There are several companies in the UK that offer corporate team building to make the team spirit amongst the employees strong. But at this event, you might meet a number of them. So make sure you do not miss attending it. The dates of this event have been decided in such a way that the coincide with the Summer Event buying cycle so that the companies can book their parties for 2015.


If you want to know about corporate team building activities, you better not miss this event. See you there!


Benchwood Kitchens Comes Up with Hand Carved Branding on Cabinets!

Benchwood Kitchens, the renowned makers and installers of bespoke kitchens based in Cotswold have come up with new and exclusive hand carved branding which will be embossed on their cabinets.


Terry Moss designs the logo:

Last week, the Benchwood Kitchens’ logo was hand carved on the company’s handmade kitchens by Terry Moss. There are many companies based in Essex UK, that offer amazing kitchen designs. The designer of the logo, who is the member of Sculptree team, has been into woodcarving since the year 1962. He has carved everything right from baubles to chain saws.

The founder speaks:

The founder of Benchwood Kitchens, Rob Woodward said that “As our bespoke kitchens have been crafted to last for a long time, we always wanted to add a classy signature to it.” He further added that “We want the people owning Benchwood Kitchens to know what went to its carving and designing.” Terry, the logo engraver said that “When it comes to fine detailing on wood, I am quite passionate and so were Rob and his team. It is a real delight to be working with them”.


Benchwood Champagne Reception:

Just like Benchwood Kitchens’ repute for handmade kitchens, there are many companies based in Essex that provide great workmanship, amazing service best quality kitchen. The company is going to have a champagne reception on 20th November from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Gloucestershire. At the reception, you will be able to know about the kitchen craftsmen and how they work after creating great kitchen designs.

If you are looking for a company based in Essex that can provide you with bespoke kitchens, find it here!


Enjoy Treasure Hunt Team Building Challenges at Alton Towers Resort!

As a business owner, if are looking for a real treasure hunt for your employees and that too in the form of team building challenge, never miss the event at Alton Towers Resort. The resort has collaborated with one of the renowned company in the UK known for its different and unique team building challenges to make the event successful.


Celebrate this New Year in a different way by being a part of treasure hunt on 1st January 2015 and 19th March 2015. There are only 50 limited numbers of bedrooms to book, so hurry up if you planning to attend!

Amenities at the resort:

When your employees visit the resort to take a part in the event, they will be served with top-notch services from the hotel. There are two themed hotels, waterpark, golf ground, spa, unlocking challenges and so on in the hotel wherein they can enjoy themselves with your all the team members.

Wide range of challenges:

Your employees will be given some indoor and outdoor team building challenges when they attend the event. With the help of modern technology, there are many outdoor and indoor challenges waiting for you…It will be a real fun when the employees take part in such activities. As a business owner, you will get to know who is better in mingling with all.

A 24 hour package:

The event will last for 24 hours. So make the most out it by enjoying the unlimited refreshments, breakfast, buffet lunch, three-course dinner and overnight stay at themed hotels, speedy Wi-Fi and the most important GPS team building challenges session. All these cost just £150 per person!

The event will be conducted with many team building activities. Some of the activities are outdoor and some are indoor. The activities are never ending when your employees visit to Alton Tower Resort! If you are looking for the same, book your tickets for your employees at the earliest before they end!


42 Homeowners Defrauded in Renovations of Bespoke Kitchens! Builder Faces Jail!

A dishonest builder in Bristol was reported to the court due to his gambling and fraud work. Mark Jenkins is a builder who is specialist in renovating homes, building new homes, creating bespoke kitchens, interior designs etc. He targeted number of customers all over Bristol and the surrounding areas. The builder used to take the order and money in advance and used to leave the work incomplete. By doing so, he used to take away all the money from the homeowners and leave them clueless.

Builder in disguise:

The builder changed his name and the organization name to hide his identity in the market. He was previously known as Mark Killick and also used Mark Richards. “His actual name is Mark Jenkins” said the prosecutor, Mark Hollier. Hollier further added that, “He has left all the home owners stunned with heartache by stealing £1.4 million in total from 42 of them.”
Kitchen Installation Essex

All in one price for all renovations:

The defrauded person used to attract the customers with all in one price for renovations that included bespoke services too. This is main reason why people often gave him advance and he flew away with fulsome cash leaving the work pending. Do make sure that if you are looking for a professional in Essex for renovating your home or interior design or kitchen installations or furniture work, you hire from a reliable firm.

Remanded to custody till Thursday:

There were many people who were willing to see this rouge builder in the jail. But somehow the court decided to sentence the culprit next Thursday. Get the best bespoke kitchen provider in Essex to make sure that you are not defrauded by any one. This was the biggest ever fraud case by a builder in Bristol! If you want to play safe, hire a trustworthy firm from Essex for your kitchen installation.


UK’s Biggest Team Building Challenge Company Strikes Partnership with Crerar Hotels!

A company named ‘Team Challenge Company‘ which is UK’s biggest corporate team building provider firm, has made an announcement of partnering with Crerar hotels. The hotel is a group of dozen properties which will give the event organizers a great chance to test the employees with different outdoor challenges. The company offers wide range of opportunities for corporate team members to enhance their skills and mingle with other employees as well.

Bespoke team building challenges:

The ‘Team Challenge Company’ gives you a chance to select various options of your choice. There are also some incentive programmes conducted by the professionals of the company which will boost the confidence of the team members and give you good results. Cooking is one of the activities of team building that a business owner must hire to make their employees work as a group.

Team Building

Brands for new corporate clients:

The director of ‘Team Challenge’, Stephen Hazley, was of the opinion that, he has collaborated with MD of Crerar Hotels, John Wilson, to improve their brands for the existing and new corporate clients. He further added that the bespoke packages that they are going to offer to their clients will surely increase the business for both the parties. The collaboration has been there since long and with this new idea of bespoke team building challenges, the authorities were keen to present them to the new clients.

Engaging responses:

When a company gives an opportunity it is must that you as a business owner take full advantage of that. “We have worked with ‘Team Challenge’ for many years and they provide the most engaging responses to their clients,” said the Managing Director of Crerar Hotels, John Wilson.

With this partnership, the business owners are sure to get the most out of the team building activities and especially from cooking challenges and competitions which are considered the best. If you are looking for the same, get an advice from a professional right here!


London Luton Airport Saved from Being Enlisted as World’s Worst Airports!

How many of you thought that the journey of travellers is just limited to the flights? Most of you. But you might be wrong here as it starts way before the flight right from hiring a taxi to the London Luton airport or any other airport of the world. A popular travel website has disclosed a list of world’s worst airports and London Luton Airport has been saved from getting enlisted as one of them.


List unveiled:

Although Luton has been saved, it has been listed as one of Europe’s worst airports according to the reports. Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport is worst airport of the world according to this 2014 guide. Many other airports that have surprised many are New York’s LaGuardia as well as Paris’ Beauvais Tille airport.

These airports are not quite clean and friendly for the travellers and unload the passengers in an awkward way.

What makes them bad?

Whenever travellers hire taxi from Hemel Hempstead or any other place in the UK to the airport, they also look into issues like poor food, long queues for security check, décor, cleanliness as well as the behaviour of staff members at the airport. Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport came stood fourth for 3 consecutive years due to overcrowding and air conditioning issues. Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport stood second in the list as travellers complained about ill-mannered immigration officers as well as long queues and metal chairs which were hurting when used.

Other factors:

The survey that was conducted between September 2013 to August 2014 revealed that the tourists also dislike factors like lack of technology on the airport as well as inconsistent security checks. Though London Luton Airport service is way better than the factors described above, it being listed in the Europe’s worse airports. Apart from these issues, it is the most preferred location when the passengers hire taxi from Hemel Hempstead. Happy journey!


Environmental Agencies to Install Flood Barriers to Protect Winchester!

You all might be aware that last year, some parts of Winchester were submerged in water due to floods. To stop it from happening again, the environmental agencies of the area have decided to install permanent flood barriers in the city. By doing so, the areas that are prone to floods can remain protected.


The Project:

As a part of this project, permanent barriers will be installed at areas like Water Lane as well as Park Avenue which were submerged under water during floods that occurred in February. After the permission for permanent construction is obtained, watertight walls made out of concrete will be constructed and a sluice located at the north end of Park Avenue will be upgraded. These flood barriers will play a huge role to protect the surroundings during heavy rains.

Keeping Winchester safe:

There are several private and government agencies in London as well as in the exteriors of the city that provide flood defence equipment. The agency’s flood risk manager Andrew Gilham said that as the ground water levels of Winchester are quite low as compared to what they were before some years. To keep Winchester safe in case similar frequency of rains is observed, these measures are being taken.

Importance of flood barriers:

It is said that the Hampshire County Council spilled out around £1.6 million for installing defence repair system post the floods this year. For the last few years, the people of London have started becoming quite aware about flood defence equipment so that the properties remain safe. Pertaining to the advancement in technology, a range of amazing flood protection equipments are provided by flood defence companies.

Make sure you get in touch with these companies and protect your house and surroundings!